Our Ministries and Teams


As a church dedicated to service, we serve our community in a number of ways. Learn more about our sub-ministries and teams below.  

Pastoral Leadership Team

The pastoral leadership team is comprised of the pastor, associate pastor, and the ordained ministers. These individuals consult with the pastor on the direction to which God is calling Woodland as well as the church’s involvement within the larger community.



The elders of Woodland Christian Church are spiritually mature leaders who assist the pastor in caring for the congregation. The Elders teach, shepherd, and oversee the various aspects of the
church and set an example for faithful Christian living. The responsibilities of the Elders include but are not limited to visiting the sick, praying for and with the members, settling disputes, and assisting in the celebration of the Lord’s supper.


The deacons of the church assist the pastor and elders in service to the Lord by conducting the caring ministry of the Church in the following areas: benevolence work, visiting the sick, being aware of the spiritual needs of the congregation, promoting unity within the church, serving communion, and proclaiming the Gospel. 

Music Ministry

Woodland’s music ministry consists of a choir, praise team, and musicians. The music ministry leads the congregation in worship through music and provides melodic reflections that complement other elements of the worship experience. 

Women’s Fellowship

The women of Woodland gather regularly to uplift and empower one another. The women’s fellowship prays together for the women of the church, the entire congregation, and the rest of our community. Woodland’s women are also involved in planning and holding activities to enhance the life of the church. 

Men’s Fellowship

The men of Woodland support and advocate for African American men first, and all other men second, in the areas of a relationship with God and health: and to develop strategies as to how we can assist men as we experience systemic racism, criminal justice issues, and marriage and family
matters in ways that represent the love of Jesus the Christ for all people.

Church Life Team

The Church Life Team assists in bringing the ministries of Woodland together as one body in Christ working together by supporting and maintaining communication between the Pastor, our church ministries, and the congregation; supporting and encouraging Woodland’s ministries in the effort to achieve success in promoting the mission, vision, and values of Woodland through service, evangelism, outreach, hospitality and showing love; and supporting and assisting in church and ministry events.

Stewardship Team

The stewardship team manages financial affairs responsibly, with honesty, discretion, and respect. We strive to be financially sound to continue our work at Woodland. We will live out our purpose by strengthening our relationship with members and friends by educating them about biblical stewardship. We want to be good stewards to walk in love and service to God. We will strive to embrace the core values of Woodland Christian Church especially service, love, and discipleship.

Media Team

The media team at Woodland advises on media and communication for the church. The media team designs and maintains the church’s website, social media accounts, print materials, and other deliverables.