Our Ministries and Teams


As a church dedicated to service, we serve our community in a number of ways. Learn more about our sub-ministries and teams below.  

Pastoral Leadership Team

The pastoral leadership team is comprised of the pastor, associate pastor, and the ordained ministers. These individuals consult with the pastor on the direction to which God is calling Woodland as well as the church’s involvement within the larger community.



The elders of the church are concerned with the spiritual care and development of the congregation. The elders cover the members of Woodland in prayer, visit members who are sick and shut-in, and ensure the ministry of the church considers the needs of all in our community. 


The deacons of the church work with the ushers in receiving tithes and offerings in the worship service. They also prepare and serve the communion elements (bread and juice) to the congregation during the celebration of the Lord’s Supper. The deacons accompany the elders when visiting the sick and shut-in members. 

Music Ministry

Woodland’s music ministry consists of a choir, praise team, and musicians. The music ministry leads the congregation in worship through music and provides melodic reflections that complement other elements of the worship experience. 


The ushers of Woodland are the first to extend a welcome to our members, guests, and friends. The ushers assist in navigating the campus and ensure attendees are appropriately accommodated. 

Women’s Fellowship

The women of Woodland gather regularly to uplift and empower one another. The women’s fellowship prays together for the women of the church, the entire congregation, and the rest of our community. Woodland’s women are also involved in planning and holding activities to enhance the life of the church. 

Men’s Fellowship

The men of Woodland gather regularly to encourage and support one another. The men’s fellowship holds a monthly Bible study for men to learn how to embody the Word of God and how to set a good example for the next generation of young men. Woodland’s men are also involved in preparing activities to enhance the life of the church. 

Church Life Team

The Church Life Team is the primary unit for planning, organizing, and putting on events at Woodland. The CLT, in consultation with the pastoral leadership and elders, ensures events are carried out in ways that honor God and reflect good stewardship. 

Stewardship Team

The stewardship team is responsible for the financial integrity of the church. Members of the team keep the congregation informed of the church’s financial obligations and assure that all financial contributions are accounted for. The stewardship team makes certain that the church manages its finances in ways that bring glory to God. 

Media Team

The media team at Woodland advises on media and communication for the church. The media team designs and maintains the church’s website, social media accounts, print materials, and other deliverables.