Woodland Christian Church is going through a transformation process.  We’re becoming a congregation for the twenty-first century.  As such, we recognize that our current building is outdated and very nonfunctional for the present and the future. Here are a few key areas we want to address. 


Our building is not currently accessible to those who are physically disabled. There are several steps leading up to the main entrance of our building. Our classrooms, fellowship hall, and most of our restrooms are presently in the basement, which can only be accessed via stairs. There will be no steps leading up to the main entrance of the renovated building, allowing easier access for individuals with mobility issues. We will build a new fellowship hall, restrooms, and meeting spaces on the ground level of the building. 


Raising the Next Generation

The new fellowship hall will be a multi-purpose room for church and community activities.  We want to be able to offer our church to community organizations and local churches for meetings and events. The renovated campus will also include a nursery, conference room, and utility room. 


Going Green

God calls us to be good stewards of God’s creation. Therefore, we seek to reduce our carbon footprint by becoming the first church in the city of Columbus to use solar power. We will also look to adopt other practices to take better care of our environment. 


You can be a part of this transformational ministry initiative.

Always looking for ways to have a positive impact in our community and city, we know the impact will be more powerful with a building that we can truly say is welcoming to all who recognize that the church is the light and center of the community. 


Our goal is $350, 000 (three hundred and fifty thousand) dollars.  We have $151,000 so far (updated December 2022).  We thank you for your contribution to this important endeavor.  No gift is too small or too large.   Don’t let wishing you could give more hinder you from giving at all.  Every contribution helps.  We thank God and you that you chose to sow seed into the Woodland Christian Church.  Click the button below, select “other,” and in the box, put “capital campaign.” Submit your transaction and you will receive a receipt via email. 

May God bless you for your contribution.   

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